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Still no news on my Grandmother (Adelaide), Aunt Jackie. NOLA and Metairie
Have not heard from my Dad ( William "Bill, Mac") in Picayune, Miss. for three days.

Need good thoughts.
Love, Hope
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i'm searching for my friend (all info in my journal) and i need to obtain school records. is that public information or would a private investigator have to obtain those? i feel like if I could get at least one parent's would help some.

Thanks in advance.

Birth Parents

Ok so my brother is searching for his birth parents and I have little to no information to go on. Here's what I do know:

Birth fathers last name is Thomas he was a Chem professor at the University of Kentucky my brother was born in 1978 on October 10th. He was born in San Diego Ca. I don't remember which hospital it was. All he really wants to know is basic medical background stuff. I do know that there is an early heart condition. They also had another child a girl born in 1985. Also born in the San Diego area. They didn't want children for some reason and that's all I know. Any info is greatly appreciated.



hello. my situation may not seem as desperate as others' but to save you a long story, it is. I've been searching for this guy for a while and all i've gotten is a possible unlisted phone number. I was wondering, since i don't own a credit card, if anyone here has US Search or Intelius and can search him for me? If not, then can anyone recommend a website that would give me free information? ZabaSearch doesnt work. Neither does White Pages since he's unlisted. here's the information i have and it is ALL i have.
name: Gregory Lynn Kidwell
age: 37
dob: 10/25/67
possible number: 304-258-1730 (Ronald D. Kidwell)
possible relatives: Jeff, Mike
other info: lives with his aging father, mother is deceased, works at Rayloc
lives: either Berkeley Springs or Great Cacapon, WV
last seen: March 4, 2005

i want a phone number and address and anything else, like his dad's name so i can try looking that up in a phonebook. I really need to find him.

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I lost contant with my stepmom and my little sisters 3 or 4 years ago, and I havnt been able to find them. They live in Sacramento, California. My Stepmom has been remarried, so I am not sure of her last name, I believe it started with a R and it was mexican sounding. But her name maiden name is Dolores Marie Hall born Feb.17, 1964, and when she was married to my dad it was Dolores Foster. My sisters are Rachel Marie Foster 14, Sarah Grace Foster 11, and Christine Hannah-lee Foster 9-10?. I havent had any luck finding them myself and I don't really have the money to buy background checks and all that jazz. I was hopeing someone could help me, I am missing my sisters so much and I am missing them growing up. The last time I actually saw them was when I was 14 or 15 and I am 21 now. thanks guys
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Long Time, No See

My name is Melissa I am 26 and I currently reside in Westland, Michigan. For the past 12 years I have been searching for Kate Elizabeth Polley. The last place that I knew she had lived was in Spring Hill, Florida. Before that she and I lived on the same street in Kimball, Michigan just outside of Marysville.
Her dads name is Richard (Rick) Polley. I can't for the life of me remember her mothers name. All I remember about her was that she left Kates father for a man named Ken and moved to Florida.
Kate also has a brother named Nick, and a sister Kristen.
Kates b-day is in April and I believe she is 24 or 25.
I have searched here online and offline as well, but it hasn't lead me anywhere but to a dead end.
If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!
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long lost best buddy.

hi. im new here. i'm looking to contact my long lost best friend.
her name is Lindsey. she has a twin, Lauren. She also has two (twin) older sisters, Bre and Shanna. And also a younger sister, Stephanie.
Last I knew, she lived in Virginia. i havent seen her since we were 12. now, we're both on the verge of 18.

please, if you knew her, or have any idea how i can find her, please tell me.
i know this isnt a life or death search and i know it may sound stupid, but i would really appreciate any help in my search. thank you.