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Intro / Looking for my Half-Aunt

Hello all, my name's Vali (not the name I was cursed with at birth but it's the only name I really use lol) and I'm looking for my half-aunt Patti.

Most of my family has a "No News Is Good News" Policy and Patti's always taken it to an extreme.

I lived with her and her family in Oviedo (spelling?) FL back in 1997.

Her full name is Patricia Bivins and she is (was?) married to a man named Joseph "Jody" Bivins. She has three children: the eldest was a son from a previous marriage named Dean, the other two are Elizabeth and Joseph Jr...

The last time I physically saw them they were living on Leinhart Ct. in Oviedo FL... the last time I spoke with them was in 1999 after I'd moved to CA. They were still at the same address and had the same number.

Unfortunately, we lost touch and they ended up moving and now I can't find them. If anyone can help me find my Aunt Patti, the help would be greatly appreciated and the person would be on God/Goddess Status to me lol

Anyway, thanks all.
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