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I want to find my birth mum/dad and brothers

Dawn Simpson is my Birth/Biological Mum she is/was married to Richard Simpson. I was not  Richards child though - Dawn had an affair with a guy called David Smith ( he is my Biological father) as Dawn and Richard were 'seperated'. As well as me Dawn and Richard already had 2 boys called Kevin and Dean and when i was born, I didnt come alone... I have a identicle twin sister called Toni. David didnt want to know about the pregnancy and split from Dawn before me and my twin were born, Dawn then went back to Richard who raised us as his own. 

Dawn and Richard struggled raising 4 children, especially as David was now living in a small flat and my sister and my brothers were constantly having to be shifted from one home to another. Eventually, Dawn and Richard decided that Toni and I would have a better chance of a more comfortable life if we were to be adopted. We were given up for adoption at around the age of 2years old. Angela and Keith Carter took us in and fostered us, while social workers found us a family who would like to adopt. Wendy and Richard Hone legally adopted my sister and I at the age of 2 and a half.

I am now 20 years old and I would like to trace my birth mum Dawn Simpson and her husband (if they are still married) Richard Simpson, I am also interested in finding my 2 half brothers Kevin and Dean Simpson who are in their 20's now. If any one can help me with this, I would be delighted. I am from UK, England, Nottinghamshire. I was born at Bassetlaw Hospital on May 10th 1987.
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