Roni (princessroni) wrote in missinglovedone,

Ok so here I am again with somemore info for my brothers adoption. It was a previous post in here and the person that did give me someone to contact that man was not the bio father. So I have some more facts now. Names Steven/Stephan & Linda Thomas most likely divorced now last heard Linda was sent back to her mothers house after my brother was born. Somewhere in TN. My brother was born at Scrips Hospital in the San Diego area of California. Myself, my brothers wife, and my father have all tried to get into contact with Frank Puglia the attorney that handled this case and my case he's basically being a dick and won't return phone calls. So yea my brother was born Oct. 10 1978 San Diego area Scrips hospital. All he really wants to know is basic medical backgroud we are aware that there is some sort of early heart dieases. Steven/Stephan Thomas was on his way to becoming a Professor of either History or Chemistry not sure if he followed thru. Another child was born to Linda around 1985 I believe and I heard she is either in Italy or France not sure on the specifics of that. So any info would be greatly appreciated.
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